Title:  Lancôme Rouge In Love: Review
Posted:  Monday, 9 July 2012 @ 3:31 pm

I recently received two lipsticks from Lancôme in the mail, and was so excited to try it out.
Here's a quick personal review of the Coral and Red lipsticks in their collection.


I know how colours can differ from the actual lipstick and photos, so I've taken a few photos in various lighting, but all natural nonetheless.

The coral lipstick was such a dream. I could hardly believe that I've already applied it on at first, because it smooths over your lips like oil. And not to mention that delectable rose scent coming off it. Delicious.

This shade has such a soft and mellow tone that it's simply the essential 'everyday' lipstick, and so easy to apply. It literally melts on contact with your skin!


I have really high expectations for red lipsticks in particular, and unfortunately Lancome's 322M didn't quite meet it in terms of giving that bright red colour on the actual lipstick itself, as it has a noticeably pinker tone. (While secretly mixed with the disappointment that I didn't turn into Emma Watson)

However, I give a massive thumbs-up for its glossiness that likens itself to a lip-gloss in a stick, without the stickiness.

Also, I'm happy to agree with its claims of 'high potency colour' and 'featherlight wear'. 
I've tried it out on several occasions, putting it through the test of the daily routines. On certain glasses, it does still leave a mark, however overall, but I'm glad to say that it lasts through the hours and the colour is still fairly visible by the end of the day. It only requires just one or two touch-ups throughout the day, particularly after meals just to maintain the colour at its prime.

That's all. I hope this helps!
Feel free to drop me a comment below if you have anything else to share or ask.

A big thanks to Lancôme and Vogue Australia once again for this opportunity.
LANCOME Lipstick Corail In Love 322M & Rouge In Love 159B

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