Title:  Haul vlog #2
Posted:  Sunday, 2 December 2012 @ 11:37 pm
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Delayed vlog!

I actually recorded this 2 weeks ago before I left for Singapore, and was only really able to upload it now (which says a lot about how much I've been going out every single day since)

So yes, I am still alive.

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Title:  Heaven and Earth; (& Instagram love)
Posted:  Sunday, 7 October 2012 @ 10:00 pm
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So first off, I'd like to apologise for my massive hiatus in the past couple of weeks, and hopefully I'll post a vlog soon with a few updates on the low down. But for now, I've finally returned back to Earth with a very Autumn-like post, despite the fact that Australia's upside down seasons mean we are well into Spring.

Deciding to hit the casual preppy note for the day, I went with a colour-blocked scheme of white, brown and black, all in the good name of Earthly tones. And because the top was so simple and plain, I was able to add a subtle emphasis through a pair of faded floral vintage trousers and studded clogs that worked wonders in silently stealing the show, whilst tying this whole outfit together.
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Title:  Real time. (+ 20% off Motel Rocks)
Posted:  Tuesday, 18 September 2012 @ 10:26 pm
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Hello, world.
I'm back (although hardly so, with one last essay to go)

Getting school preppy. Reading the paper (even if it is on arts / design). Backpack, sneakers. Yup, sneakers. 

The past two weeks have been anything but floral like these shorts.

Two assessments on the same day, uncountable assignments, 3 group projects including a presentation?

Things just got real.

But enough with all my complaining.

One trend I'm really hyped up upon recently are convertible pieces. In this case, a dress that easily transforms into a tank top when tucked in shorts, clinched with a belt.

As a uni student, you know it's best to invest on items that you can use full mileage of - be it by dressing different pieces in different combinations, or using them beyond what they're suppose to be. (You know what I'm talking about) 

And what with all the walking, there are days when you just feel that you have to give your feet a break and dress down in a casual outfit with maximum comfort.

A key to dressing casual without look like you threw on anything that spell 'comfort' (speaking of which, are some macadamia cookies and a cup of warm soy milk that I'm munching on as I type this - yum!), are the accessories. (Equally as yum)

Like I've always said, accessories can really turn your simple look up a notch.
Throw on a couple of feather earrings and tribal cuff, and you're sweet to go.

So here's all the best to those out there who are putting their heads down and mindlessly running into walls.
I hope all of you are looking forward to the mid-sem break as I am!

Would love to hear some of your favorite lazy-day ideas!

TIGHTROPE Dress, RUBI sneakers, TOPSHOP feather earrings, Tribal cuff, MOOLOOLA via CITY BEACH backpack

Lastly -- to end with something sweet for all those sour studies.

If you love Motel Rocks, here's an exclusive deal for all of my readers:

Simply key in "unkitsch" at the checkout to get an instant 20% off your purchases.
Instant satisfaction.

You're welcome.

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Title:  Flora.
Posted:  Monday, 3 September 2012 @ 10:25 pm
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A styling tip that I always go by when you're in a rush to impress, is to take a single piece that you deem to be the statement attraction then plan around it.

In this case for me, it begun with this little black and gold dress.

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