Title:  Lighthouse.
Posted:  Thursday, 12 July 2012 @ 11:01 pm

We visited Cape Byron during the holidays, and the view was certainly worth those hours on the road.

It was a pity, as it rained and we kept missing the sightings of whales and dolphins, even with people pointing it out to where they had been just several minutes ago.

But all in all, the scenery was absolutely stunning nonetheless.

There is something mildly therapeutic in watching the ocean waves roll over each other -- and that clear lush green on the top just as the wave is about to break.

Even in the afternoon, I swear that moon looked so much bigger in real life.

I once pulled this scarf off as a dress in a tribal dress-up event for school last year.
And was just itching to try it out once more - even if I had planned a whole photo shoot in that small bit of jungle literally across the road from my front door (which believe it or not, I have not actually explored.. That's how lazy I can be at times)

Clinched with a wide belt around my waist, I paired it with my leopard fur jacket and a pair of "practical" shoes (as my mother calls it) for all that walking.

And what's more to say? 
That sunset couldn't have been better at tying in the whole brown-toned outfit together.

What do you think of my look?

RUBI Leopard print maxi scarf, COTTON ON Sunglasses

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